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Getting Your Phoenix Closet Ready for the Summer

Whether you wear the same type of clothes year-round, or you like to dress according to the season, regularly updating and reorganizing your closet will reduce the overall accumulation of clutter. Summers in the greater Phoenix area require lots of breathable and comfortable clothes. It also requires lots of sun-protecting gear such as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. With our guide, you’ll be able to easily find exactly what you’re looking for in your closet. Plus, you’ll have more room for the clothes you’ll be wearing more regularly, which makes the whole process of outfit selection and putting away laundry a lot more enjoyable. Get your closet ready for the summer with a few of our organizational tips and tricks. Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix offers a wide variety of custom closet systems to utilize the most space in any closet. 

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Cleaning it out

Possibly the most rewarding step in cleaning out your closet is getting rid of everything you don’t wear anymore! As you go through this process, you’ll realize just how much space was being taken up by items that you haven’t seen for years. Try on pieces of clothing that you’re not sure about to see if you still like them or if it fits. Donate any gently used clothes and properly get rid of anything that is damaged. 


Rotate in all your favorite summer clothes that you’ll be wearing on a weekly basis and store away clothes that you know you won’t need for a few months. Make sure that your summer clothes are in a place that is easy to access and keep organized. Hanging storage bins are a great way to add in extra space and free up some hangers. Label each bin or basket by what type of clothing it is like tank tops, t-shirts, or shorts. You can also choose to organize your summer gear by activity, such as swimming, hiking, camping, or gardening. You’ll be able to efficiently pack all your clothes for a quick weekend camping trip. 


When it comes to preparing your closet for the seasons, make sure that you’re able to quickly find the clothes and accessories that you’ll be using the most all season long. Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix can help you maximize the most use out of your closet. Read through our design and installation process! Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix is a locally operated business proudly serving the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area.


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