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Walk-in Closets with Style

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Phoenix, AZ walk-in closet contemporary style with island

When it comes to closets, many think purely of function, but they can also be quite stylish. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix, serving the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona areas, we provide organization solutions that are personalized to your style and needs. Get the most out of your walk-in with some styling tips to spruce up your closet.

luxurious walk-in closet taupe cabinets

Reach for the Ceiling

Creating a walk-in closet with storage that extends all the way to the ceiling is just one way to add a stylish touch. This helps to make your closet feel spacious and larger than it may be. Plus it gives you additional storage space. For an extra elegant touch try crown molding at the tops of your storage units. This adds a more personalized touch in addition to extending the eye upwards.

Storage Space

Stylish closets often look pristine with nothing out of order. Choose and create a storage solution that works for you. Regardless if your vice is shoes or handbags, create a closet that stores every piece to perfection. Customizing your closet will help to boost your personal style and your home’s!

Somewhere to Sit

No matter if it’s a chaise, stool, ottoman, or bench, having a sitting area can be a great way to add style and function. Use your seat of choice to put on shoes to see which option works best for your look. It can also be a great way to relax after a long day before heading to bed. For more personality, add a fun rug that ties it all together.

Don’t Forget The Details

While the actual storage units house your items and help you stay organized, don’t forget about the details. Many details can pay off in dividends to add to the look and feel of your walk-in closet. Look at details such as the hardware on drawers and rods, mirrors, design accents, countertop options if you are lucky enough to have an island, and real hardwood. Choosing any number off of the list will help to keep your closet looking and staying stylish for years to come. Trust the closet experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix and Scottsdale to help you make the right choice!

long narrow walk-in closet storage system in Cave Creek AZ

Let There Be Light

Lighting will be a key decision for your closet that adds both style and functionality. Having a place to store your clothes and shoes does not help if you can’t make decisions when picking pieces in the morning because you can’t see them. Choosing pieces for ambient and task lighting will be the most important, but accent lighting will help to give a dramatic flair in your space. If you are extra adventurous, add an LED light strip along the bottom or sides of your closet for a multi-colored backdrop. 

Create an organized home of your dreams today with the experts from Closet & Storage Concepts! Give us a call to schedule your free, no-obligation, in-home estimate today! Proudly serving the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona areas.