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Creative Storage Solutions Help You Get More Space Out of Your Small Craft Room

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Customized craft station storage

Small rooms for crafting are wonderful, cozy places for practicing one’s chosen art, but that art frequently consumes what little space you have. Tables take up a lot of floor space and storage for tools and materials quickly take up the rest. Instead of making do and piling projects on top of each other, consider redesigning your space with custom cabinetry and fold-away tables from a home storage solution provider like Closet & Storage Solutions of Phoenix and Scottsdale. You can take your crafting space to a whole new level and enjoy crafting in a purpose-designed room.

Craft room storage

Custom Cabinets Let Store Your Craft Components Your Way

Craft materials have a way of mysteriously multiplying and overwhelming your small craft space. Storage solutions are easily found at department stores, and inexpensively, but they tend to be inconvenient when it comes to placement and stacking. Finding craft components and tools becomes more difficult unless you spend money on expensive sets of drawers that still take up valuable floor space.

Making the switch to custom cabinets from a custom cabinet maker like Closet & Storage Concepts gives you the opportunity to have a room that works for your crafts, materials, tools and incidentals. Cabinets are made to measure, you can design them as you please, have drawers that are built to specs that are perfect for storing your materials, and can even come with a Murphy bed-style table. You can put your current project into the adjacent cabinet when you’re finished, then lift the table up out of the way and regain your floor space until the next time you sit down. 

Store Your Materials and Tools the Way You Want

Each craft requires its own set of tools and materials that require a specific type of storage solution. As you design your custom cabinets, you can also include the type of containment you need for your materials and have drawers made with sections that are sized to fit your tools. The end result is a storage system that looks great, makes a small room feel spacious, and keeps your project together in one place until you pull it out again. 

Going Vertical With Custom Cabinets Opens Up Your Craft Room

Floor space is at a premium in a small craft room, and cabinets that rest on the floor quickly eat into the available space. Custom cabinets get around that issue by hanging on the wall at a height that works best for you. They can also be made to a depth that’s suitable for the room. You retain your ability to move freely around your room as you work on your project while keeping your materials within easy reach. Nothing’s better than having the ability to walk into your small craft room, have everything you need to hand, easily found and put away, and the freedom to work on a project without feeling cramped. 

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