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Tips to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Pantry

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If you have a kitchen pantry, it gives you lots of space to store everything from canned goods to fine china. However, that only works if it’s organized enough for you to find the items you’re looking for.

Has your kitchen pantry become a hodgepodge of small appliances, decorations and reusable grocery bags? It’s time to clear it out and get everything organized. Fortunately, by following the tips below from Closets & Storage Concepts Phoenix, you can reclaim your kitchen pantry from the clutter.

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Custom Cabinetry to Store and Display

Start with customized cabinetry that includes smaller drawers for kitchen utensils and floor-level storage of heavier items. Floor-to-ceiling shelving can hold dishes, small appliances, spices, condiments and other essential kitchen supplies. If you’re looking for local expertise on kitchen pantry reorganization, make sure to hire a reputable company such as More Space Place.

Invest in Storage Such as Shelves and Racks

Installing open shelves or racks is another option. You can do this along the wall or inside cupboards to organize smaller items and maximize the use of space. By installing under shelf baskets, you can protect items you don’t want squished, such as bread.

Are you tired of searching for 20 minutes to find your favorite spices? Maybe it’s time for a more elaborate spice rack that separates your spices, making them easy to label and find. Wall-mounted spice racks save cabinet space and utilize wall space under cabinetry.

Are you looking for some place to stash your pots and pans? Consider pegboard, which can be installed along a wall or even on the back of the door. This creates an instant organization system for pots and pans of all sizes.

Go Vertical

Top shells certainly aren’t the place for appliances and tools you use every day. However, if you only use your crockpot once a week, or you have fancy dinnerware for the holidays, why not put them out of sight until you need them again.

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Jars and Canisters Are a Great Life Hack

Even after you have installed new cabinets and added things like pegboard and shelving, you still have to organize everything. It goes without saying that you should get rid of anything that you no longer need or use. Consider donating dinnerware and other items and throw out broken appliances and anything else in disrepair.

Jars and canisters are the perfect storage units for bulk foods, dry goods and baking ingredients. Mason jars are inexpensive and allow you to view contents. Also consider metal and ceramic canisters and crocks to add a decorative touch and offer more storage solutions.

Get Expert Help In Phoenix, AZ

A pantry is the center of your kitchen, helping with food preparation and providing you with an area to store all the important ingredients you need to prepare meals for your family. Customize this storage area carefully, so that you can easily access everything that you need for a quick dinner or a larger event. Get local expertise from the team at Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ