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The Most Common Messes During Thanksgiving

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holiday gathering around a table

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you are probably thinking about getting together with family members and friends. This is a popular holiday, and it is a great time to catch up with people you may not have seen in a long time. On the other hand, Thanksgiving can also be quite messy. Here are a few of the most common sources of messes during Thanksgiving to keep an eye on. If you think about them ahead of time, you can prevent them from happening in your house this year. 

holiday gathering around a table

The Alcohol-Induced Fall

Without a doubt, one of the most common sources of spills during Thanksgiving is the alcohol-induced fall. There can be a lot of alcohol at Thanksgiving. Whether it is wine, beer, or liquor, there is always that relative who has a bit too much to drink. Then, when they are carrying their plate to the table, they trip and fall. This can create a giant mess. Therefore, you may want to limit the alcohol people consume. This can go a long way toward protecting your home from an alcohol-induced spill. 

The Gravy Boat Spill

Everyone loves to put gravy on their turkey. Otherwise, the meat can be a bit dry. At the same time, you need to be careful when you are passing the gravy boat from person to person. All it takes is someone to bump the boat for the gravy to go everywhere. This can be a difficult mess to clean up, but if you can keep it on the table, it will be a lot easier than trying to get the gravy off the floor. You might want to consider asking people to serve gravy at the serving station. That way, you don’t have to pass it around.

The Overlooked Drinks on the Floor 

Your seating options might be limited this Thanksgiving. If people are sitting on the floor, the drinks are going to be on the floor too. It is easy for someone to overlook the drink, kicking it as a walk through the living room. You might want to provide coasters to make it easier for people to put their drinks on the table. 

Party in a small space

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