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A Custom Garage Storage System For You

credit: RobertCrum

When you step into your storage area, does it feel like a natural extension of your tidy desert oasis or more like a neglected shelter filled with abandoned items left to slowly rot in the barren badlands? If you feel uneasiness with every trip into your garage, it may be time to consider a custom garage solution to your Scottsdale home.

You need to maximize the space you have

Has your stuff slowly expanded to fill the space you’ve got without consideration for how it’s organized? Or did it expand suddenly because your child or elderly parent moved in? When you have a custom garage solution, you can expect experts like Closet & Storage Concepts to help you optimize your space. They will ensure you avoid common pitfalls like overlooking unexpected obstacles and covering important access points like water shut-offs, electrical panels, and ventilation.

You’re not an expert at load-bearing calculations

Many custom garage storage builds in Phoenix/Scottsdale include shelving to maximize the available space. Properly securing these shelves based on calculated loads is critical to avoiding storage disasters. No one wants to see their gear fall or their shelf collapse. Closet & Storage Concepts understands how to secure support structures so that your storage shelves stay put.

You don’t choose building materials for a living

To ensure that your custom garage storage can withstand the Phoenix/Scottsdale desert extremes, you must select a suitable substrate. The right materials can help prevent mold, decay, pest infestations, as well as mitigate electrical hazards and fire.

You don’t create organizational solutions daily, but you would like to find what you’re searching for quickly.

With a custom garage storage solution, you can customize your area to meet your specific personal specifications. The experts at Closet & Storage Concepts in Phoenix will customize your plans to your needs. First, they confirm what you’re storing, which items need the most protection, and prioritize the easily-accessible things vs. those that can be tucked away long term. They will also provide innovative solutions for challenging items, like bulky or awkwardly shaped seasonal gear.

You want to increase the value of your home

Customer garage storage is the French kiss that can set your Phoenix/Scottsdale home apart from the neighborhood comps. The Closet & Storage Concepts solutions show well when homeowners are ready to put their prized asset on the market.

You want to add some “me” space

Whether you need some space for a workshop, play area, workout area, or man cave, a custom garage solution is your best option to free up the space you need to create that special spot in your garage.

Do you have the signs? Then you’re ready for custom garage storage from Closet & Storage Concepts Scottsdale/Phoenix. For more information on how we can create your dream garage, feel free to contact us and let our experts help you!