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Don’t Forget About Your Laundry Room

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Laundry room with countertops and cabinets

Part of establishing your home is doing what’s necessary inside and outside of it to make it truly feel like “yours.” One of the best ways to do this is by customizing your space. And while kitchen remodels, and bedroom and bathroom makeovers tend to receive the most attention, one area you don’t want to forget about in your Phoenix or Scottsdale home is your laundry room. In this post, we’ll share some of the benefits of customizing your laundry room and some accessories and add-ons to consider throughout the project.

Benefits of a Custom Laundry Room

Let’s start by discussing some of the key benefits of a custom laundry room:

  • Easier to do your laundry: This is perhaps the biggest benefit, as customizing your laundry room will make it easier to do the main chore that this room is good for. You can keep all your supplies organized, improve its functionality and maximize the use of this important home space.
  • Add value to your home: A custom laundry room can yield up to a 90 percent return on investment, making this a very practical project.
  • Increase storage space: Smart storage solutions, like cabinets, closets and shelving can improve the overall amount of storage space in your home and free up clutter in other often-used areas of the home.

Custom Laundry Room Accessories

What accessories should you consider in your custom laundry room? Here’s a look:

Custom Closets

The key to optimal organization is ensuring you have a closet and the right storage solutions to make this a reality. A custom closet within your custom laundry room can help. Custom closets can help with more than just storage, but also with keeping potentially hazardous laundry supplies (detergent, soap, stain remover, etc.) out of children’s reach. Some closets can even be designed so that ironing boards fold up within them.

Drying Racks

If you prefer to air dry some or all of your clothes, then incorporating drying racks into your laundry room makes sense. Just make sure that they’re out of the way so they don’t impede your efficiency.

Laundry Equipment

If you’re really looking to save space and optimize storage, a stacking washer/dryer is ideal.


Add some personal touch to your laundry room by incorporating decorative shelving into the area. You can place decor, pictures and all other sorts of items on these shelves so it truly becomes an extension of the rest of your home.

If you’re interested in making a custom laundry room to your Phoenix/Scottsdale home, do not hesitate to reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts for a free estimate.