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Our Focus On Custom Closets & Garage Storage

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Having a custom-built closet for your home or garage can be quite useful and beneficial. Often, the homes we live in do not have enough closet or storage space. This can be especially true in our garages, where there are often no closets or enough garage storage space.

With a lot of fun outdoor activities available to us in the Phoenix area, custom garage storage can be very important. A custom closet inside our homes can make all the difference when it comes to having a cluttered, crowded room or having enough space to keep things in. Let’s discuss some closet & storage concepts, and discuss a number of factors to consider.

Carefully Analyze Your Needs

It’s important to know what your custom closet or storage space is going to house. Taking inventory of your wardrobe or garage items is important before going forward with installing a custom closet or storage space. Organize your existing closet or storage first. Decide what you want and need to keep, and what can be given away. It’s freeing to make room for new things by getting rid of some things you no longer need or use.

Hangers Are Your Friend

When designing areas and sections for your custom closet, be sure to include areas for hanger space. Consider the size of your clothing and the length of the items you’ll be hanging. Having areas for pants, shirts, coats, and dresses will help organize and keep things in an orderly fashion. It will make things easier to find and save you time.

Consider An Island For Your Custom Closet

If your closet is large enough, consider adding a closet island. Closet islands can contain many drawers, cabinets, and other features that will utilize closet space. It will store quite a bit of clothing, shoes, and accessories. A closet island can also be aesthetically pleasing, besides being functional and useful.

Consider the Materials You’ll Use

The materials your custom closet or custom garage storage are made of should factor into your design decisions. You may prefer metallic materials for your garage storage but may find that in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area, it’s too hot to comfortably use metal for your custom garage storage.

If you are considering maximizing your space in your home, contact Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix for a free quote from our professionals.