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Multi-Functional Cabinetry Uses

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custom laundry room cabinets with utility sink Phoenix, AZ

Cabinets are some of the most versatile storage components within a home and workspace. Cabinetry fits into a multitude of different rooms, areas, and places adding to the utility of that space. Have trouble determining whether or not custom cabinets will be the right upgrade for you? Here are some ideas to help you narrow down your choices.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are very utilitarian rooms where people go to get stuff done. In this room, our goal is to get in and get out as efficiently as possible. Organization is key to getting this done. Knowing where everything is throughout the process will help you keep your mind on the task. Adding custom cabinets will improve your organization within the room allowing you to take care of what needs to be done with ease.


Ever thought of adding cabinet storage to your garage? You’d be surprised at how beneficial it can be to have extra convenient storage in your garage. With storage in your garage, you’re able to keep your tools, outdoor equipment, and supplies out of your indoor storage areas. This gives you the freedom to utilize your indoor storage spaces to their fullest whilst having access to all your tools in one place.

Home Office

Office spaces often can get cluttered with paperwork, mail, and documents. A lack of storage and organizational space is something you don’t want to have while already dealing with frustrating tasks. Adding cabinets to your home office not only adds a good amount of extra storage space, but also gives you the ability to keep the floor free of organizational drawers and other extra clutter.

If you’re interested in installing custom cabinets in your home, our experienced professionals will work with you to create a sleek, functional, and efficient design that maximizes your available space.  Let us help you design your dream laundry room, garage, or office room by contacting us at Closet & Storage Concepts Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ today for a free consultation.