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Custom Closets: FAQs

custom closet walk-in

If your day-to-day home life is busy, you might be wondering: “What are some ways I can cut time out of my routine?” With a custom closet, you can streamline getting dressed in the morning and save time that you can spend on other things such as yourself or your family. Keep reading to find out how to organize and maintain your closet with custom closet systems by Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix

Can a custom closet save me money?

By investing in a custom closet system once, you’ll save money by getting exactly what you need without spending money on things you don’t want, like unnecessary storage space or extra features that won’t work in your space. Moreover, once your closet is organized you will be able to see what items you already have and spend less money shopping for new clothes. 

How should I organize my space?

One of the keys to staying organized is always reevaluating the clothes you have. It’s important to decide if you enjoy wearing them, or if there are pieces you tend to leave at the back of the closet. Try experimenting with different outfit combinations to see if you get the desired usage out of your wardrobe. If you end up trying on something that doesn’t work with what you already owned, maybe consider donating that item. But keep in mind that, even if you don’t wear a clothing item every week that it’s okay to keep it! For example, formal wear, or special occasion items can be stored in clothing bags or towards the back of your closet so they don’t get in the way of your regular routine.

We offer many different kinds of custom closet solutions that can help bring some life to your wardrobe as well. For example with a reach-in closet, you can utilize features such as shelf dividers and shoe fences to keep shelves tidy. Whereas, with a walk-in closet, you can easily sort through your wardrobe with multiple hanging areas, shoe storage, and more!

white walk-in closet
Traditional white walk-in closet with closet island by Closet & Storage Concepts.

What if my closet is too small? 

Once you have a wardrobe you’re happy with, you might find that your space is too small for the clothes you have. For example, if you have a lot of clothes that should be hung, consider installing dual-hanging rods in your custom closet system. If you find you have many small items, consider installing closet accessories such as cubbies and using clear storage bins for easy access and visibility. By taking inventory of what you have, our team can better accommodate your needs in your new closet. We believe there is no space too small for one of our custom systems and we’ll personally work with you to find the best solution to your problem areas. 

If you’re interested in finding storage solutions that fit your needs, reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts serving the Phoenix/Scottsdale area today for a free in-home consultation!