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Making Your Garage More Functional

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We should look to optimize all of the space we have in our home. While many people strive to do so, the garage can often be overlooked when it comes to organizing and beautifying our houses. Some may see it as an extension of the home rather than a part of it.

We at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix see the garage differently. The garage is unique in that it is a part of your home, but technically outside of it. This important aspect makes it extremely useful as a storage area for specific items that are best suited to be kept outside of the house. Read on to discover how you can optimize the functionality of this often-neglected space!

Clean It Out

The amount of cleaning you should do is dependent on how much “stuff” you keep in your garage. While it is great to use as a storage spot, an abundance of clutter can make it hard to find what you’re looking for when you eventually need it.

Cleaning your garage is similar to cleaning any other space. Although everyone has their own method for this, we suggest doing it in its entirety rather than trying to get it done in portions. Once you have the junk and clutter out, you can start optimizing what you use the garage space for.

Separate By Functionality

There will likely be a few different types of items that you will end up keeping in your garage. As an example, let’s say you are keeping workshop tools, yard-work tools, car supplies, and outdoor games and toys. The workshop and yard-work tools may stay on one side of the garage. Then you could have outdoor toys more accessible for children, and keep your car supplies in a closet somewhere. Knowing what you have and where you keep it is essential for ensuring your garage is organized and optimized.

Utilize Your Space

In order to increase the functionality of your garage, you need to utilize all of the space that you have available. This means maximizing the vertical space available as well as implementing storage solutions that work best with what you’re keeping.

Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix has custom storage solutions to help you build a space that works best for you. Some examples of options that we provide are:

  • Pegboards for your tools
  • Shelving for items to be easily accessed
  • Wall hooks for items to be hung
  • Racks for sports equipment
  • And more!

Our goal is to ensure that your space is built to be optimized for your needs. Contact us to get started with a free in-home consultation to receive personalized suggestions on storage solutions that work for you!