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Summer Is Here: Tips for Storing Pool Equipment  

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When summertime hits Arizona, it’s time to get the pool ready for fun in the sun. For Scottsdale and Phoenix homeowners, staying organized can be a challenge when dealing with pool equipment. To make sure your garage is clutter-free and accessible, there are some great storage solutions to consider.

Hang Pool Equipment on Hooks

Don’t let your garage get cluttered with pool equipment; hang it up instead! Keeping pool toys off the floor is a great way to create more space for vehicles and other items while ensuring all your supplies stay in top condition.

Skimmers, hoses, and even deflated inflatables can be stored easily on hooks, making sure they’re not piled up haphazardly. Not only does this method free up room in your garage but, it also keeps everything organized so you’ll never have to worry about losing any pieces again!

Use Shelving

A great way to store pool equipment is by using shelving in your garage. Having garage shelves makes accessing items quickly, like goggles, chemicals, and toys simple. Also, make sure any hazardous materials are kept up high where kids and pets can’t reach them. If you’re someone who loves spending time by the pool, use shelves to stay organized and keep items out of the way! Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we have a variety of garage storage options that can be custom designed to fit your unique needs.

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Custom garage storage designed and installed by Closet & Storage Concepts.

Bonus Tips

A concealed and orderly garage is the perfect spot for stashing away pool equipment. With careful planning, you can fit a lot of items in a small area, like your garage. In places like Scottsdale or Phoenix where swimming pools are heavily used during summertime, having a dedicated storage space in the closet garage will minimize mold and mildew. Try putting hooks, hangers, and shelves to work in the garage to keep pool equipment organized.

Rely on Experts for Garage Storage This Summer

Summer in Phoenix and Scottsdale is prime time to luxuriate by the pool, but it’s also a great chance to spruce up your storage space. That’s where Closets & Storage Concepts come into play. Make this summer stress-free!

Get in touch today to learn more, and find out what more garage storage can do for the quality of your life!

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