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Organized and Secure Home Office Tips

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organized custom home office desk and storage

Whether you’re organizing for work at home or at the office, there’s something that’s just as important as efficiency: security. Security often takes a back seat to productivity, especially during busy or stressful times. Yet it’s incredibly important to protect sensitive documents. In this post, we’ll be detailing how you can achieve higher productivity and better security. 

organized custom home office desk and storage

The Challenges of Keeping an Office Both Organized and Secure

A person can only have one “most important” priority. In terms of work, it’s usually focused on efficiency. Security tends to get sidelined because it can be the enemy of efficiency because it takes time to secure and protect files.

It’s more important than ever to properly secure files and documents. Today, offices are targeted for personally identifiable information. Whether it’s a personal home office or where you conduct business with clients, you could be a target.

So how can you improve upon your office’s security without disrupting your workflows?

Invest in Built-In, Locked Cabinetry

The simplest, most direct way to improve your physical security is to invest in a built-in lockable file system. A locking file system will maintain your organizational infrastructure while protecting your documents. In addition, storage can be built around your filing cabinets for a cleaner desk and workspace. 

Prioritize Document Organization Based on Security Risk

High-security items should be locked in a more secure area than your regular documents. Consider creating a dedicated file room or even a locked file closet for your most important documents. Important documents can include:

  • Financial and tax statements
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Legal documents
  • Intellectual property

For infrequently referenced documents, keep them filed and locked away to limit risks and exposure of it being misplaced or lost.

Benefits of a Physical Filing System

While it may seem counterintuitive, digitization isn’t always the best solution when it comes to security. A single piece of paper located in an office cabinet can be more secure than any digital file. A digital file, once copied, can be copied infinitely and can never be erased. A single piece of paper can be shredded.

Creating a physical filing system within your office is one of the best things you can do for your security, and when properly managed and maintained, it can also improve organization and efficiency.

While many companies are moving towards digital records, many records and papers should be secured with dedicated, physical office storage systems. To create a beautiful and secure home office, contact your local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts.

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