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Use the KonMari Method To Declutter Your Bedroom

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decluttering clothes in bedroom closet

Decluttering and organizing your bedroom is no easy feat. It might sound like an easy task, but why do so many people struggle? No other room in your home has such a unique mixture of form and function. Many different things can be stored in a bedroom including clothing, books, and paperwork. decluttering clothes in bedroom closet

Implement the KonMari Method

The KonMari method of organizing and decluttering has several aspects that set it apart from others. Developed by Marie Kondo, the KonMari method instructs you to approach decluttering based on categories such as clothes, books, and papers. Start by gathering all the items in a particular category – Marie Kondo suggests beginning with clothes – and picking each item up one by one. Ask yourself if it “sparks joy.” If you’re having a difficult time getting started, she suggests finding an item that you already have strong feelings for. 

Keys and Tips

Use the KonMari method anywhere in your home to tackle clutter. Keep the following points in mind: 

  • Tackle it all at once

One of the primary keys that Marie Kondo stresses is to devote the time needed to the particular category you’re tidying. If you try to declutter over a longer period of time without a deadline, things will simply revert back to their previous stage. If you don’t have an entire day to devote to organizing your bedroom, just try to tackle as much of it as you can. Be sure to schedule a time to finish up.

  • Organizational tools are vital

Another key aspect of the KonMari method pertains to what you do with the items you keep after you declutter. Marie Kondo is a big proponent of keeping similar items grouped together so they are easy to find when you need them. Organizing tools and systems like bins and boxes help keep clothes tidy. 

putting items away in drawer

Closet and Bedroom Storage

When it comes to tackling storage and organization, Closet & Storage Concepts offers free in-home consultations to help you maintain all of your progress. With shelving, different hanging areas and easy-to-access bins, a custom closet makes it easy and painless to keep your closet – and your entire bedroom – neat, organized, and free of clutter. There’s no doubt that Marie Kondo would approve! Get started on your project by contacting your local Closet & Storage Concepts team. 

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