3 Key Features to Make Guests Feel At Home

3 Key Features to Make Guests Feel At Home

Most guest visits will give you plenty of time to plan ahead to take time off, plan activities, or book accommodations. Other times, you may have an unexpected overnight guest who can’t get a hotel, or their flight was canceled due to bad weather. When you have someone staying overnight, or several days, and you are short on sleeping spaces, pay attention to these key areas and features to help them feel at home. built-in murphy bed with sofa

Murphy Beds for a Good Night’s Sleep

A sleeping bag on the floor could work well if you’re creating a fort or tent during a kid’s sleepover, but they are usually not the most comfortable place to sleep on. Skip the sleeping bag or air mattress and instead elevate your home using a Murphy wall bed. A wall bed allows you to hide the bed when not in use. Its sleek design will still allow you to utilize your space as an office or crafting area after guests leave. In addition, a wall bed system can provide storage space where guests can keep their things while staying over. Utilize additional storage for books, toys, and books.

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Custom Closet for Storage Organization

When your guests are staying for more than a few days, have a place for clean and dirty clothes. A small custom closet system can be designed around an existing closet so guests can hang their clothes and store their luggage. If you’re building a new wardrobe within your guest room, use cabinets and doors to reduce dust and to create a clutter-free look.

For everyday use, use your new closet for overflow storage. Put sporting goods, equipment, and clothing such as ski and snowboard boots or swimsuits. When looking for a custom closet that will fit into the layout of your home, turn to a custom storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts for design ideas.

Multifunctional Furniture for Seating

If you want your guests to have a place where they can read and relax, multifunctional furniture can work well. A storage bench can be a great place to read, store games and linens, and act as a place to kick off shoes at the end of the day. A small stool can also play double duty as a seating area or even as a bedside table. 

Upgrade Your Guest Room

You don’t have to put guests on an air mattress! Transform your home with wall beds, custom closets, and multifunctional furniture. Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts team to upgrade your guest room with a customized design plan. We always offer free, in-home design estimates! 

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