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Storage Hacks for the New Year

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As a new decade steadily approaches, now is the perfect time to finally accomplish your goals for achieving a well-organized and efficient home! Busy lives often lead to chaotic clutter, and resolution or not, it can be difficult to find the time to get organized and stay that way throughout the year. So, we’ve decided to share a few of our favorite tips and tricks for easy storage organization—whether it’s in the pantry, office, bedroom, or garage—to help you declutter and enter the new decade feeling ready to take on the world!

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Label, label, label

You probably saw this one coming, didn’t you? Remember, the goal of truly organized and efficient storage is to keep things out of the way, but allow for easy access when you need them. You never want to have to open and dig through five or six boxes in your garage before you find what you were looking for. Instead, the easiest solution is to label the boxes with exactly what is inside of them. When you give yourself a roadmap of your storage it also makes things simpler later when you’re trying to put everything back!

Sort things in ways that make sense to YOU

Oftentimes when people are looking for ways to organize their home, they ask friends (and the internet) for the “best” strategies. This can be a great jumping-off point, but it’s important to understand that what works for others, may not work for you. When it comes to arranging your storage, you might have to try a few different options before you decide what you like best in practice. If you’re a very visual person, for example, it might be helpful for you to store extra sheets and towels for the laundry room by say, color. Another person may want to arrange them instead by function, such as beach towels vs. bath towels. Either way, the key to truly efficient storage is understanding your own needs and organizing things in ways that make the most sense to you.

Be ruthless about what you keep

Closet Storage | Closet & Storage ConceptsThis is a tough one for most people. We all have a tendency to hold on to things for longer than necessary with the hopes of one day finding a use for them again. But when it comes to storage, don’t clutter up valuable space with non-essentials. A general rule of thumb for most items: if you haven’t used it in the last six months and it has no sentimental value, get rid of it! If you’re like us and don’t want to feel wasteful, you can donate your items to a local charity or ask if anyone you know could use it before tossing it in the trash.

Need more help?

Sometimes you just need a little help to get your home on the right track towards organized efficiency. Lucky for you, our team at Closet & Storage Concepts are expertly trained in understanding the unique needs of your home and will be able to find you a storage solution that works! Find a local team near you today and schedule your FREE in-home design consultation to get started.

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