A Style of Cabinet Doors for Everyone

A Style of Cabinet Doors for Everyone

Usually the first element of a room that is noticed, cabinets are eye level and therefore very influential in the feel of a room. They can also be an investment if you plan on installing many customized cabinets, meaning that getting the perfect style for your home design and storage needs is important. Continue reading to learn how Closet & Storage Concepts can help you design foolproof cabinets in a style that you are sure to love.


Closets & Storage Concepts provides many classic styles of cabinetry. Our most commonly requested style, the shaker cabinet, is a made from a sturdy five-piece door and an added center board. These types of cabinets have many design options as they can be classic and streamlined or decorative. Their price is also flexible depending on the material of wood used to create the product.

Our flat-panel cabinetry is perfect for minimalistic and modern home designs. It is a flat cabinet door with no added details besides a handle. Available in many different wood and quality furniture-grade laminate materials, these cabinets are perfect for adding impact to any room at a budget-friendly cost.

We also provide raised cabinet door installations, which is where the door is raised compared to the surrounding wood rather than fitting within it. This option is cost effective as the wood doesn’t have to be trimmed to fit within the border.

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As we use both solid wood and laminate materials to create our cabinets, our color and texture combinations are extensive. For classic wood designs, opt for wood species, such as cherry, white oak, or walnut. Alternatively, for modern and sleek homes, glossy laminate materials in neutral basics or pops of color can make your room complete.

Customized Layouts

Take your cabinets to the next level with additional customized details and layouts. Our team has thorough experience adding flutings and moldings to cabinets and doors for a unique engraved border or pattern. We can also line a closet or cabinet with a bead board pattern of your choosing for added decoration. Furthermore, our team is ready to design different sizes and shapes of cabinets that meet your unique storage needs.

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Need more help?

Update your home with brand new cabinets. Reach out to your local Closet & Storage Concepts to meet with our team of design experts and discuss possible designs and styles that will be sure to add to your home design. Book your free, in-home design consultation and estimate today.

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