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Creating a Home Sanctuary

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bright daisy flowers on coffee table

Home is turning into more than a place to sleep. It is busier than ever as we spend more and more time at home. Turn your home into a sanctuary by embracing these design elements and ideas from Closet & Storage Concepts.

bright daisy flowers on coffee table

Invest In Everyday Luxuries

For some, this could be as simple as picking up a few flower sprigs at the grocery store. For others, it could be investing in new bed linen. Embrace a little bit of luxury for added joy and calm at home. Taking a few extra minutes for yourself can help you unwind or prepare for the day ahead.

Cull Clutter

Clutter is an eyesore. Going through your belongings can help relieve emotional baggage as well as its physical manifestation.

Common items to declutter and find calm at home include:

  • Outdated paperwork
  • Unloved clothing, accessories, and shoes
  • Extra kitchen gadgets, appliances, and utensils
  • Expired medicines

Have a Dedicated Space For Everything

Getting organized is a great way to create a sanctuary at home. You won’t have to wonder where you put your tax paperwork or your long-lost favorite blouse!

A custom desk is great to stay productive at home (and less stress!). Combine it with a Murphy bed to turn any extra bedroom into a guest room without sacrificing a place for work.

If you’re spending more time in your kitchen these days, a dedicated kitchen pantry can help make cooking and baking more enjoyable. Don’t stress about figuring out where you stored the gelatin or your spices.

You’ve dreamed about a new closet, why not turn it into a dressing room any celebrity would be jealous of?

murphy wall bed system in white

Appeal to Your Senses

Invigorate all of your senses to create a calming and relaxing sanctuary at home.

  • Scent: Think of the smell of clean linens or a scent that transports you back to your favorite vacation.
  • For sound, a small trickling fountain in the corner of your room, or the sound of the bath at night could be all that you need to help you wind down.
  • Prints and photos can be a welcome sight. Create a gallery wall or display your favorite pieces of art around your home.
  • Create warmth and coziness with throws, blankets, and rugs. Weighted blankets can also help you feel secured and help you sleep.

We Make Getting Organized Easy

Transform your home into an oasis. Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts to get started today! Our teams are ready to help you Make Room for Life®.

More Tips To Feel Good At Home:

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