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Some Of Our Favorite Laundry Room Storage and Design Ideas

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large laundry room with custom cabinets in traditional style

Make laundry time more efficient with the best storage and organization ideas. From organizing cleaning products to custom laundry cabinets, find some of our favorite ideas from the team at Closet & Storage Concepts.

large laundry room with custom cabinets in traditional style

Cabinets & Shelving

Keep detergents, fabric softener, cleaning agents, and other items out of reach of kids and pets. Upper cabinets or cabinets surrounding your laundry machines are ideal. Shelving can also be helpful as additional storage for sporting goods, coats, and more. Use a mix of cabinets and open shelving for visual interest. Choose from a variety of colors, cabinet styles, and finishes to match your design style.

Large Table Top

A large counter or worktop is perfect for folding clothes or setting the laundry basket. Incorporate a table area on top of your cabinets or shelves. Counters in a natural stone like quartz or granite are sturdy, durable, and stylish.

Utility/Slop Sink

To deal with stains and other messes, having a utility or slop sink in your laundry room can help you keep up with your laundry. Our cabinets and storage systems can be designed around these considerations to help you maximize space.

Hanging Rods

Save energy and money by hang drying clothes. This can be essential for some fabrics that can shrink from dryer heat or cause excessive wear and tear. A long hanging rod or drying rack is the perfect solution to air dry your clothes.

modern laundry room storage cabinets in white

Garbage Bins, Accessories & Other Unique Touches

Keep your garbage or laundry baskets out of sight. Our unique drawer systems can hold tall garbage cans and laundry baskets keeping them within reach but out of sight. For your clothing care needs, consider installing a foldout ironing board. You won’t have to haul your ironing board around your home or get frustrated trying to arrange it to the right height.

If your laundry area doubles as a utility room or wine storage, add fun storage and design touches. A small mini-fridge can help you store wine, or a designated area for a kennel is great for your furry friends.

Start Your Project

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