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3 Tips to Keep Kitchen Cabinets Tidy

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organized custom pantry storage shelving in dark wood

There are two things many kitchens have in common. The first is that no matter the size of the kitchen, there never seems to be enough storage space for what you have. The second is that many kitchen cabinets and drawers are probably a chaotic mess where you can’t find what you need and don’t know what you even have. While increasing the physical amount of storage you have in your kitchen pantry can be time-consuming and expensive, improving how you utilize the space you already have is worth the investment and beneficial for your whole family.

organized custom pantry storage shelving in dark wood

Three Organizational Tricks to Increase Your Kitchen Storage Space

  1. Invest in adjustable shelving systems. Most people fail to utilize the full height of their cabinets, leaving a lot of precious space empty when storing shorter items. While you can opt to stack items on top of another, this not only makes it hard to find something when you need it, but it is cumbersome to access objects on the bottom of the pile without moving everything else on top. A better option is to create a shelving system that is built around your needs. Additional accessories like shelf risers can also make it easy to see all of your items. Investing in a custom pantry storage solution will make it simple to get what you need without any hassles. 
  2. Take dry goods out of their original packaging. Companies design packages to look good on the supermarket shelf, not to save space in your kitchen. Especially for items that you use over time or buy multiples of, keeping them in their original packaging makes zero sense— instead, store items in reusable containers that perfectly fit your space. Food-safe sacks are great for rice, grains, dried beans, and cereals. Tall and narrow containers are ideal for several packs of the same pasta. If you are storing food items, remember to cut out the cooking instructions and tape it to the container. 
  3. Don’t forget to use your wall space.  Drawers and cabinets are not the only places you can use to store things in your kitchen. Don’t let the vertical surfaces go to waste. Attaching hooks, magnetic wall racks, and pullout wine and spice racks can help you free up valuable shelving and drawer space. Hooks are perfect for hanging everything from dish rags to cooking utensils. Many people already use magnetic strips to hold their cooking knives and spices. They work equally well for keeping things like measuring cups and kitchen out of your drawers and readily accessible. 

Spending the time to organize your kitchen is worth the time and investment. Not only will it be more convenient to cook in a kitchen where you can easily find everything you need, but it is also much more enjoyable. Get started on your kitchen pantry storage project today! Reach out to your local Closet & Storage Concepts location.

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