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Baking Essentials and How to Store Them

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modern custom kitchen pantry storage

From everyday breads to roasted turkeys, your kitchen and oven are sure to see plenty as we spend time at home. For amateurs and professional home bakers, here are tips to store the essentials in order to maintain tidiness and sanity.

modern custom kitchen pantry storage

Baking Sheets & Cake Tins

A good baking sheet will see you through plenty of cookies and roasted veggies. If you struggle to store them, you’re not alone. They can be bulky and difficult to store with other bakeware or serving dishes. Instead, we recommend dedicating one part of your kitchen pantry towards these baking essentials. Store them like you would with paperwork. A file-style system so they are stored upright rather than horizontally will make it easier to find and grab the right sheet or tin. Shelf dividers or building custom cabinet sections will prevent tins and baking sheets from falling down.

The Mixer & Small Appliances

For home bakers, a sturdy stand mixer and trusted food processor are essentials for creating doughs, crusts, and fillings. Depending on how much baking you do, you may not want to keep your appliances on the counter. Tall cabinets are perfect for storing these types of appliances. Sliding shelves can help reduce strain when taking out heavy appliances or serving dishes. 

Spatulas & Measuring Cups

Drawer dividers, large ceramic jar holders, and hooks are all good options when it comes to storing spatulas and measuring cups. These storage solutions will ensure that drawers stay tidy and can help keep your countertops free for kneading, chopping, and rolling.

Ingredients: Sprinkles, Flour & More

Keeping ingredients organized will help you complete baking projects quicker and can help you prevent duplicate purchases. For baking-only ingredients like baking soda, extracts, and sprinkles, we recommend grouping these types of ingredients together. Store and keep them near the mixer and other baking tools like piping bag, tips, and muffin tin liners. Pullout baskets and or drawers can work to corral items.

For flour and sugar, using airtight containers can help you create a visually appealing pantry while keeping ingredients fresher. Store containers on durable shelves to ensure they don’t fall.

Get Expert Help

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