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Clearing Counters and Cleansing Cabinets: Keeping Kitchens Clean for Clever Cooks

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hanging kitchen organization and storage solution

Food brings everyone together, and as such, the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. However, with that designation as the heart of the home, the kitchen also becomes the dumping ground for mail, assorted messes, and other clutter. Instead of letting messes take over your kitchen, use these tips to declutter and take back your cooking and meal preparation space.

hanging kitchen organization and storage solution

Work With Wall Space

Wall space is often underutilized when it comes to kitchen storage. Storage hooks for pots and pans are a common and functional use of wall space. Floating shelves are another great choice to store serving ware or decorative plates. Taking bulky items out of cupboards makes much more space for other storage.

Clear Countertops

Countertop space is at a premium, especially in a small kitchen. However, they can be used as an effective storage supplement when used correctly. Countertops are best for storing flat items that can be pushed to the back like cutting boards. A utensil jar for spatulas and serving spoons will keep commonly used utensils within reach. With more space on your countertops, you’ll be able to focus on making delicious meals instead of trying to dodge piles of extra things.

Stash Appliances Elsewhere

If you have bulky appliances like crock pots or Dutch ovens, don’t take up space in your kitchen cabinets trying to store them. Find space for appliances in a large pantry to keep them close to the kitchen. If a pantry isn’t viable for storage, consider installing shelving higher up on the wall. It’s simple to use a small step stool to lift those lesser-used appliances up or to grab them down when they’re needed.

Define Drawer Space

Instead of sacrificing one drawer as the catch all junk drawer, define each drawer for a specific purpose. Preventing yourself from dumping into one space will force you to practice good organization habits. If you still must use one drawer as a catch-all space, utilize drop-in drawer dividers to make sure that everything stays in the right place.

Custom Kitchen Storage Solution

If you simply don’t have enough space in the kitchen, consider a custom storage solution from your local Closet & Storage Concepts location. See what our design experts can do. Contact us to schedule a free consultation for a complete kitchen storage upgrade.

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