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A Minimalist Approach to Closet Organization

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organized minimalist closet

organized minimalist closet

One of the simplest ways you can reduce stress in the morning is by having an organized and functional closet. The minimalist approach to organization is all about functionality, convenience, and a visually appealing look. We’ve all been there – thinking we have nothing to wear and trying to find certain items through all of the clutter. Opening your closet and not feeling overwhelmed with choices is the goal of a minimalist approach, so you can spend more time doing life than rummaging through your closet.

Clear it All Out

The first step to a minimalist closet is to clear it out. Completely empty your closet and drawers. Put everything in one area so you can see all of your belongings. During this decluttering process you may find duplicates of items, clothes with the tag still attached, and clothes you haven’t worn in months. If you haven’t worn something in the past year, it’s probably safe to say it will never be worn again and can be thrown out or donated.

Group Clothes by Category

Sort your clothes into categories such as pants, sweaters, t-shirts, and so on. If it makes more sense for your lifestyle, you can separate your clothes by activities such as professional/work clothing, workout gear, and more.

Only Need One

When going through all of your items, keep in mind that if one is enough – that’s all you need. Maybe you just need one belt instead of four, or one rain jacket instead of three. This will help organize your closet in a minimalist fashion, holding only the clothes and accessories you genuinely enjoy wearing.

Hang, then Fold

Next, find everything that needs to be hung. To create the most simple-to-navigate closet, organize hanging clothes by type (dresses, shirts, sweaters, pants, etc.). Then, make your way to items that can be folded. For folded clothes, you can use closet design accessories such as baskets or shelves with dividers.

Helpful Tips

Some ideas to create an even more organized minimalist closet:

  • To make your closet more visually appealing, arrange clothes by color. This can help when picking out outfits that match well.
  • Leave space when possible to break up the different sections of your closet. This will help you navigate it more efficiently.
  • Use small boxes to organize bigger spaces (like drawers).

If you find yourself needing assistance or inspiration after completing these steps, contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts experts today for a free, in-home consultation!

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