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3 Jewelry Storage Tips

Boston custom closet jewelry drawer dividers

Boston custom closet jewelry drawer dividers

At Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts we’re experts at all things storage. We’re especially known for our custom storage units such as our custom closets. Some of the items our customers worry about in particular are shoe and jewelry storage. Because these items are often delicate and well-loved, protecting them is extremely important. Here are some of our best tips to create more room for your jewelry pieces while giving them proper attention and care.

Hang Them Up

Hanging your pieces, especially necklaces, is one of the easiest ways to protect them and make them easy to find. Luckily you have a number of options available. A simple rack of small hooks can easily mount to your walls so you can hang and arrange your necklaces. For a fun DIY project, try making a personalized and decorated corkboard. You can then get use the board to hang all of your pieces from necklaces, bangles, or earrings! The corkboard can easily flex to your collection no matter how long or large your piece is.

To keep items tucked away, try a slide out belt rack. The hooks can work great for jewelry pieces and still makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.


Much like the corkboard, there are a number of options to gracefully display your items. Jewelry stands are a common go-to. They come in a number of colors, sizes, and shapes to fit your needs. Keeping them on your closet island if you have a walk-in or on the top of your dresser. Choosing a designated area to keep everything can give them a place to shine while keeping them out of harm’s way.

Fun, ceramic catchall dishes for rings, earrings, or cufflinks on the top of your vanity or dresser can help contain your more delicate items. Dainty trays to arrange your favorite items can also give your room a fun design element while highlighting your jewelry.


Use dividers to prevent overcrowding, or worse, tangling. For added luxury, be sure to use jewelry inserts and dividers in your closet storage system. Velvet-lined jewelry inserts are the perfect accessory for your closet storage system as it keeps items safely tucked away in drawers for a streamlined look, and the soft lining keeps your items from getting scratched or damaged.

Another option to try is a travel jewelry roll that can also be hung on a hanger. Your jewelry is securely stored in the pockets to keep your items dust and scratch free. The mat can then be easily rolled and placed on your shelves, a hanger, or in your luggage. We love this idea as it can serve multiple purposes.

Get Started

Protect your jewelry easily and efficiently with help from Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, MA. Give us a call today to schedule your free design consultation. We serve the greater Metrowest area including Franklin, Medfield, and Hopkinton.