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Modern Murphy Bed Design

closed modern murphy bed Franklin, MA

The Murphy bed has been around since the early 1900s, but it is no antique furniture item. In fact, there has been a recent resurgence of wall bed installations throughout the US because of its practicality. Murphy beds are extremely useful in today’s modern age as many of us are looking to make the most of our small spaces. With interests in minimalism and downsizing growing, many of our customers in the Boston area are learning how they can make living in a small apartment or condo work for them and their families. Of course, many of our customers initially believe that Murphy beds must be installed in a traditional cabinet design that isn’t to their taste. 

Luckily, by working with local craftsmen, we are able to create a one-of-a-kind unit that fits your modern aesthetic. Here are just a few design details that we recommend when trying to achieve a modern murphy bed. closed modern murphy bed Franklin, MA

Choose Smart Storage Additions

Today’s wall beds don’t just have to house the folding bed unit. Many of our installs often include additional storage to fit in with the 21st-century lifestyle of our customers. For example, adding in a desk and additional office storage can help turn a spare bedroom into a multi-functional space. Bookshelves turn wasted space around the casework of the bed unit into valuable storage for all of your items. A couch unit with your Murphy bed can work well in a den or living room to ensure that seating space is not lost when entertaining guests. Plus the wall unit can easily fit in with your design visions.

Cabinet Style

The cabinet style often sets the biggest tone when trying to achieve a modern look. After all, this is often the first thing that is seen by guests before you reveal the hidden bed unit. A simple shaker style can be a good choice if you do want a slight traditional touch. However, the most modern looking Murphy bed units usually utilize a flat door style. Additional detailing such as with a raised panel will give your units a more traditional feel.

Cabinet Color and Finish

Open modern murphy beds in BostonColors

The cabinet color and finish are also important design elements to create a sleek looking cabinet unit. Sticking to single colors like white or black will be your best bet, although a cabinet with slight texturing in a somewhat abstract print can help give your unit a unique touch.


High-gloss finishes can really highlight your Murphy bed unit and are usually best left as an accent item. When working with a midcentury modern or contemporary aesthetic, subtle wood grains are best. Using knotted or character woods will be too traditional for your taste.

Work with a local Closet & Storage Concepts designer today to create the perfect Murphy bed for your Boston home! We serve the greater MetroWest area including Franklin, Medfield, and Hopkinton.