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Sharing A Home Office

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Are you sharing a home office with your partner or your kids while working from home? Chances are, you’ve run into some challenges. If you’re dealing with disagreements or distractions during the workday, check our tips below for staying productive and avoiding conflict while sharing your workspace.


Sit down with your partner or children and talk about what everyone needs to succeed while working and learning remotely. Talk calmly about any issues that have cropped up. For example, if one person’s video calls are becoming disruptive, figure out whether headphones can solve the problem or you need to take turns leaving the room. If your children’s clutter is stressing you out, work together to brainstorm ways they can keep their school supplies organized. It may be a good idea to add bins or shelves just for them to the office and use labels so it’s always clear where everything goes.

Decorate the Space

Many of us didn’t use our home offices frequently before we started working remotely. So it didn’t make sense to put lots of thought into the décor. But now, if you spend eight-hour  days in your home office, making the space welcoming and stylish is important. Incorporate art pieces, special photos, or whatever speaks to you and your family.

 Move Things Around

Many people like using a desk in front of a window while some like having their desk face into an open space. Others like having a desk that faces a wall to limit distractions. If possible, move the furniture around so everyone in your home office feels comfortable at their workstations. This applies to movable storage areas like bookcases and filing cabinets, too. Communicate with everyone who uses the office space to decide on the most convenient locations.

Make Sure You Have What You Need

In the past, maybe one desk was enough. But if two or more people are sharing the workspace now, you should all have a proper place to work. If papers and other items have started to pile up, maybe you no longer have enough storage space in the office. You should consider a new desk with more drawer space or a closet upgrade.If you need to make a change in your home office, reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte. We design beautiful, functional custom desks and other space-maximizing storage solutions for home offices. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation!