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Spring Clean Your Way to a Perfectly Purposeful Pantry

custom pantry and kitchen storage longmont

Spring is almost here! It’s time to make the most out of your pantry space and get into spring cleaning mode. Having an organized and neat pantry makes for a smoothly-run kitchen and peace of mind. Now is the perfect time to get rid of any unused or expired food that is taking up extra…

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Utilizing Awkward Closet Spaces

custom closets denver

Closets exist in every shape and size - shallow, narrow, square, angled. An awkward closet shape can create numerous storage difficulties that require unique solutions. For awkward and unusual closets, here are a few storage upgrades to make the most out of your space. Utilize a Mix of Storage Options By combining storage options -…

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3 Reasons You Need A Wall Bed

A wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, is a dual purpose piece of furniture that can help you create a practical space for your home without sacrificing comfort. Murphy beds can be stored away in the wall and easily pulled down for use. We at Closet Storage & Concept Denver Colorado, think everyone…

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Organizing a Garage for Winter Activities

Custom garage organizer Denver, Colorado

If you live in an area that has distinctive seasons, you are likely familiar with having to plan ahead for the tools and equipment in your garage that you'll want close at hand when the thick of winter rolls around. While it's easier in the summer to pull things out onto the driveway, that gets…

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Preparing Your Garage For Summer Storage

Custom garage storage Denver

It may be hard to believe that we're already on the downhill side of summer, but before long autumn will be arriving, followed by winter's cold. This is the time to get your garage ready not only for stowing outdoor gear, but also for making winter items more accessible. A seasonal reorganization of the garage should…

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Transitioning Your Closet From Winter to Summer

Have you put those bulky sweaters you wore all winter away yet? If not, then they’re taking up precious closet space that you need for your spring and summer clothes! It’s time to put them in storage so you can haul out your lighter wardrobe. When you think about how you want your closet to…

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How To Make Spring Cleaning Last

You may think that the actual “cleaning” element of spring cleaning is where the real work lies. But you’d be surprised to learn that what comes before and after is even more important. Before you pull the first box down out of the garage, you have to make a plan. Once you get the cleaning out…

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Cookbook Storage for the At-Home Chef

cookbook storage Colorado

Whether you're a fledgling cook or a seasoned kitchen expert, no cooking hobby is complete without its collection of cookbooks. If your kitchen is becoming overrun by cookbook clutter, Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can help. Here are a few fun ways we like to store cookbooks. Spice Rack It’s no question that cookbooks can…

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Custom Entertainment Center For Your Family

A living room is a gathering point for your whole family. For this reason, it has to be able to accommodate all the activity to come. All too often we see homes with a simple tv stand that doesn't have room for you to organize the other central pieces of this room - sound systems,…

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Organizing Clutter-Prone Areas of the Home

Whether your home is oversized or could qualify for an episode of "Tiny Homes," chances are there are times when you struggle with space and organization. All homeowners have habits or family members that create clutter around the house. Fortunately, we can help you find a customized solution to tackle your problem areas and leave…

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