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How to Share a Closet and Maximize Your Space

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Not everyone has matching walk-in closets with ample space for more than one person. Many couples have to share a closet, and dividing the space can get a bit tricky. Fortunately, there are ways that you can divide your closet without having to compromise on storage or lose your personal style. Continue reading for some tips from Closet & Storage Concepts Denver to help simplify the process.

Divide the Space Fairly custom reach-in closet storage

Few couples have the exact same number and types of clothing. Someone might have five jackets, while the other has 16 pairs of shoes. The first thing you can do is to figure out all the things you want to store in your closet. Thin out off-season items or gear that you could store elsewhere, like linens or decorations. This will allow you to divide up the closet in a way that is reasonable, if not exactly 50-50.

Design a Space for Two

The typical closet design tends to assume that one person will be using it. With a shared closet, you have to consider what each person will need. As a general rule, most people will want:

  • at least one hanging rod
  • drawers for folded items
  • a place to put shoes, like shelves or racks

A shared closet design will make some space for each of these on both sides. That way, you aren’t running into each other as you get dressed.

Customize Based on Needs and Style

Of course, the basics are only the beginning in closet organization. If you have the room, you can expand in almost any direction. Consider:

  • Racks to display accessories like ties, scarves, or hats.
  • Shallow drawers to keep jewelry and other very small, valuable items in order.
  • Enclosing the hanging rod in a cabinet for a sleek, tidy appearance.

Revisit the Design Seasonally

The best way to minimize clutter and crowding in a shared closet is to cycle things out by season. People who live in a place like Denver with wide variations in seasonal attire often find that flexibility is a must. Adjustable shelving and racks make it easy for people to provide lots of space for hanging coats or boots in winter, without having a bunch of empty space in summer.

Get Help Today!

Sharing a closet can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. When you plan ahead, you’ll have a better experience. To learn more about organizing your closet, contact Closet & Storage Concepts or visit our showroom today.

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