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Organizational Tips For Your Garage

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The garage can be an organizational nightmare for some people and it is easy to see why. A garage is a place where your things go when you don’t want them in the house or can’t find a proper place to store them. If your garage is made up of random collections of unwanted things, it is highly unlikely you will take the time to get things organized. That’s where Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can come in. If you know it’s time to get that garage clutter under control, here are some handy tips that will help you get started!

Custom Garage Storage ColoradoLet Things “Hang” Out

The garage is a dreamland for people who love to organize because the same rules don’t apply in garages as they do elsewhere in your home. In the kitchen, for example, people crave organization schemes that fall within the accepted boundaries of kitchen decorating. Your organization skills must be as beautiful as they are functional. In the garage, the primary concern is maximizing space above all else. This is why hanging up items is a key aspect of garage organization. Bikes can be hung on wall racks or from ceiling hooks. Mesh bags can be filled with soccer balls, basketballs, and other spherical sports equipment and hung from hooks on the wall. Mesh is great for this type of organization because you can still see what is in the bag without taking it down off the wall. Hanging things throughout the garage frees up space on the ground for shelving units and other harder-to-manage items.

Organize by Season

When organizing your garage it is important to organize with the seasons in mind. If all of your holiday decorations are spread out in boxes across the garage, every time you have to find a string of outdoor lights you’ll be tearing the garage apart looking for it. If you keep holiday decorations near boxes of winter clothes and the summertime sports equipment over near the lawnmower, you can locate what you need much more easily. This seasonality also allows you to compartmentalize your mess. In the summer, it’s a given that your baseball mitts and basketballs will be less organized than they are in the dead of winter, but if they are all in the same place you are much more likely to avoid a garage-consuming mess year-round!

Don’t Be Afraid To Skip the Garage and Donate

Many people think of the garage as the last stop for clothing, not-so-memorable keepsakes, and other various household objects without a home. Don’t fall into the trap of moving unwanted items from the living room to the garage and leaving them there. If something is never going back into the house and it has no sentimental value, just let it go. Especially if someone else could use it, you are better off donating it or selling it at a yard sale. Don’t let your garage become a dump for things you are afraid to remove entirely from the house. Take control of that clutter!

Give Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado a Call

Some of these organizational tips are things you can implement on your own. Not all messy garages are created equal though, and when you are in need of a custom storage solution for your garage give us a call. We would love to help you cut through the clutter in your life and get started on the road to a more organized life! Visit our showroom today to speak with an expert today or book a free in-home design consultation here.