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How To Minimize Dust In Open Closets

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Open closets allow you to store your items while being able to see and reach everything. Often, an open closet will run along one wall and have various shelves, cubbies, and clothing rods. You may also place small knickknacks on the shelves to give a more homey and complementary theme to the space. However, without a closet door, you may deal with an increase in dust on your apparel. Check out the following notes on how to minimize dust in your open closet.

Keep Shoes Separate From Clothing

You may have shoes placed on a shelf or on a shoe rack near the closet or underneath the clothing rod. While it makes it convenient to get your shoes ready with your outfit, if you place dirty shoes on the shelves, the dust and dried mud can spread to other areas of the closet.

To cut down on dust, you may want to store shoes that you wear daily in a different place, such as a mudroom, until you have cleaned them. If you want to keep your shoes in the open closet right after wearing them, make sure to set down a floor mat and thoroughly stomp and brush the bottom of your shoes on the mat to remove the grime before placing the shoes into storage.

Declutter Shelves Of Unnecessary Items

Off-season clothing, clothing that you seldom wear, and extra items stored in the closet can accumulate dust when sitting on shelves for long periods of time. This dust can easily migrate to other areas. Remove excess clutter and minimize the items that you don’t often wear or use. If you want to store such items in your closet, store them in plastic totes or paper boxes and place them to the side. By decluttering the closet, it makes more free space and allows you to better dust and clean the area.

Improve Air Quality

If you see a lot of dust floating in the air that is making you dust and clean every day, then you may have problems with your heating and cooling systems. Changing out dirty air filters every 3 months can help minimize dust from the bedroom and in your closet. You can get your HVAC system inspected and serviced at least once a year. You want to also get your ducts cleaned to prevent blowing dust from landing on your clothing.

If you plan on having a wall closet or shelf system to hold your clothing that is open, you can make it functional without worrying about constantly cleaning up dust. By using the above tips, you can have a clean and comfortable open closet! Contact our team at Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut to get started designing your closet.