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One Place to Always Look For Extra Storage

floor to ceiling closet storage in black

Even after you’ve pared down your belongings and reorganized your stuff, you may find that you still lack the storage space you need.  Don’t despair, there’s hope! There is one more space to consider that many people overlook. This one hiding spot under your nose can be used to store linens, clothes, small appliances, and even family treasures that you can’t part with and don’t use every day.  floor to ceiling closet storage in black

Where to Look?

Look Up! Add cabinets, shelves, or cubbies to unused wall space just below your ceilings.

In most homes, builders will leave extra space below the ceiling. This is commonly seen with reach-in and existing cabinets, windows, and doors. With careful planning, you can put some of this space to good use in your kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, or family rooms.

What to Consider

  • Safety is one key factor that you need to consider when choosing how to take advantage of this unused storage space. You don’t want shelves or cabinets and their contents to suddenly tumble down on you or your family members. To prevent this danger, ensure that any new storage systems will be secured to the walls and are durable enough to support the weight of what will be stored. 
  • How tall are your ceilings? Depending on the age and style of your home, your ceiling height is likely to be eight feet or more. Will your new overhead storage require you to use step stools to retrieve items? A wardrobe lift is a good option to provide easy access to clothing items.
  • What items should you store? Ideally, you’ll want to use this overlooked storage area for items you don’t need to access more than once a season, but that deserves a proper home. Luggage and travel bags are other good candidates. See more: Where to store luggage. 
  • Cleaning. Don’t forget that you may be climbing onto a ladder to do periodic cleaning and dusting in this area too.

Style Options & Durability

Once you’ve discovered more usable space above, you might be tempted to use every unused wall and nook in your home. However, the storage options that you choose to add should blend in and complement your existing home decor. You also don’t want to replace your new storage components frequently, so durability is critical. A custom home storage company like Closet & Storage Concepts can help you with choosing, designing, and installing functional, durable, and fashionable custom wall storage units.

  • Shelves, cabinets, and other storage accessories provide endless possibilities for expanding your storage and additional ways to enhance your home’s decor.
  • Mix and match open and closed cabinets for a unique style.
  • Add lighting elements to highlight items on open shelves and for extra visibility.
  • Don’t overlook the wall space above the windows for even more storage space. 

Start Your Project

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