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Staying Organized (and Sane) When Working From Home

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Working at home with a full home can be a challenge. With a new environment and schedule to acclimate to, it’s not hard to understand how a home can become cluttered, making it harder to stay productive and happy at home. Get back on track and retain your sanity at home with these ideas. custom desk office storage

Have a Dedicated Workspace

Start with a dedicated workspace. If possible, try not to work in areas that you’ve typically reserved for relaxation such as the bedroom or living room. Guest bedrooms, attics, or basements are great alternatives when creating a dedicated work area. This will allow you to have a clear distinction between work and relaxation to help you retain work-life balance and general sanity.

Have a Place For Kids

If you have kids at home, having a place for them to do school work, craft, read, or relax can also be beneficial at relieving stress in your home. Having a custom desk area that works for them is sure to set them up for success with new routines.

Ensure they have plenty of storage space for computers or laptops, paper, and pencils, and any other supplies they may need. If your family shares a printer or any other office equipment, it may be helpful to ensure that any shared equipment is placed in a common area to reduce disruptions. 

Have An Evening Wind Down Routine

Many of us thrive on routines. Having a large upheaval to these routines can be stressful and lead to disorganized homes, leading to more stress, and result in a never-ending cycle. Having an evening routine that you stick to can help you retain some normalcy, and can be a great way to unwind each day.

If you’re doing more cooking at home, ensuring you have an organized kitchen pantry can help you treat it more like a hobby rather than a chore. If you’re used to having a meal with the family, tucking kids in for bed, or watching some TV, incorporate the things you love doing into your evening routine for better mental well-being.

Talk To A Space-Saving Storage Pro

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