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How to Beautify Your Home Office

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One of the great things about working from home is that you can make your space as personalized as you want. Don’t leave this important area barren and unappealing. Transform it with a few easy changes! Read on for how you can make your home office a place that inspires and energizes your workflow, instead of hindering it. custom office desk Closet & Storage Concepts

Add personal touches

This is one of the best ways to take your home office from sad to fab! Adding personal touches to this space can help spark creativity and make it an area that you enjoy spending time in. We love to add photos of friends, a small plant, or even some notes and reminders of things you want to accomplish. Little things like this are simple to do and will bring the space to life. You should also add color wherever you can, whether that be by painting the walls or implementing some fun desk ornaments. Try to use colors that are energizing, such as green or purple, for a truly motivating home office.

Don’t over clutter your desk

Another key step in designing a beautiful home office is to cut back on clutter and give yourself the physical space to work. A messy desk means a messy mind! Try to nix the unnecessary desk litter by keeping extra supplies tucked away in organized drawers or in overhead cabinets for easy access. If you find yourself becoming tangled in cords, try securing them to the back of your desk with sticky hooks or build a custom desk.

Desk by Window | Closet & Storage ConceptsBathe in natural light

You should always have natural light in your home office if possible. This can be as simple as facing your desk out the window or positioning it near to it. During the day, minimize headache-inducing overhead light and open up those shades for a more peaceful workspace! Being by the window will also give your eyes something other to look at than your wall or a computer screen—which will help energize you throughout the day.

Need more help?

Home office still need a boost? Talk to your local team at Closet & Storage Concepts to get expert help in transforming your office to a place where you can really succeed. Schedule your FREE in-home design consultation and get started today!

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