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Three Dual-Purpose Room Ideas to Maximize Home Utility

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Cramped for space but not enough time or energy for a remodel? Maybe unexpected guests drop by often, or there just doesn’t seem to be enough space for both hobbies and housework. Whatever your reason, Closet & Storage Concepts can design a custom solution to help you get more use from your home.  

Laundry and Sewing Room

Chances are, you most often discover holes or tears in clothing on laundry day. Instead of trying to remember to patch those pants or stitch that seam later, set up a space to take care of sewing in your laundry room. Sliding drawers with needles and thread will keep all of your sewing equipment handy, and a workbench can serve as a sewing mat, ironing board, and laundry folding station. Stow a bulky serger or sewing machine out of the way in storage cabinets to keep flat surfaces free for sorting and working on projects. 

Play Room, Stay Room

Guests come and go so don’t let your guest room stay empty. Rather than fully dedicating the guest room to one purpose, make your guest room serve multiple purposes as a rec room or play room! A day bed with underbed storage is a good choice for single occupants, but for visiting couples, a Murphy wall bed is a must. When the kids are playing, the Murphy bed stays locked safely upright and out of the way, and glides down easily when guests are in town. Murphy beds range in size from twin to king mattresses to fit any need, and they’re much more comfortable than an air mattress or folding mattress. Speak with a local Closet & Storage Concepts designer to learn about options.

Work in, Work out

A home office and home gym are perfect roommates. Your office is only in use around 40 hours a week anyways, leaving it empty the rest of the week. Create a productive office environment with a custom desk designed with a small footprint and plenty of available storage. Make your office put in some overtime by adding storage for home exercise equipment. Jump ropes, resistance bands, and medicine balls are easily stowed in cabinets or in baskets on the wall, and dumbbells can be conveniently stored in a rolling cart that slides under the desk when not in use. Put the elliptical or treadmill on sliders and you can quickly convert your workspace to a workout space.

Ready to Get Started?

Inspired by these ideas, or have an idea of your own? Reach out to your local Closet & Storage Concepts location. When custom manufacturing and cabinetry meet local experience and know-how, we’re confident that we can meet any storage need you may have.

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