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Pantry Redesign: Create A Coffee Station

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Custom Pantry with Coffee Station in Denver

Custom Pantry with Coffee Station in DenverAt Closet & Storage Concepts Denver, we have a passion for design and renovation. While some people may not think much about kitchen pantry storage, we see great potential for this space. Consider impressing your guests and bringing more joy to your morning routine with a customized coffee station.

Free Up Space

You may question whether or not you have the space for a coffee station in your kitchen. If so, our designers are here to help. We create custom storage solutions for any size kitchen and take on the challenge of space constraints by utilizing all areas to their full potential.

With a custom pantry you can have each area set up for your specific accessories and needs. Choose various heights of shelving to fit your appliances, food, and cleaning products. Corner units fill awkward spaces allowing for greater storage. And opt for open or closed shelving, so you can quickly access what you need and store what you don’t. Further customize with pullout drawers, bins, and shelves to store smaller items with ease.

Customize For Your Routine

With your kitchen space optimized you can also look into creating the perfect coffee station. This station will be unique to your needs, whether you prefer single-serve cups, drip brew, pour-over, or French press. If you plan on creating a counter coffee station consider adding shelves above for cups, coffee, and other items. Alternatively you can use a custom cabinet with a pullout drawer to hold your coffee-making supplies.

Decorate Your Custom Denver PantryConsider These Design Ideas

When designing your coffee station, there is plenty of inspiration and ideas to glean from. Coffee beans or grounds can be stored in glass jars to add elegance. Use ceramic jars or apothecary candy jars to hold sugar and utensils. And storing everything on a tray adds a nice touch. Additionally, adding lights, a custom lamp, or a special vase with flowers or another plant can make the space more inviting.

Give your coffee station a restaurant feel with a chalkboard or coffee sign. And hang your coffee mugs on hooks for a unique display. We offer a large selection of materials, colors, and finishes for our products, so they can fit your home’s décor. Our Denver designers are happy to work with you on your vision and our installers make it a reality. Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation or visit our showroom.

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