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Tips from Small Spaces for Those with Bigger Homes

Mutlifunctional small-space storage Denver

Mutlifunctional small-space storage DenverEven though some cannot imagine living in a space that is essentially as big as their closets, there is a definite trend, or mocking (see Portlandia’s “Microhouse” segment, although it may not be suitable for younger viewers) of tiny home living. While it is not for everyone, there are some definite tips and tricks that can be used in homes large and small.

Double Duty

With limited space, many are forced to look for furnishings that can pull double duty. Many examples include furniture items, such as coffee tables with storage for books or even shoes.

When organizing, it is also helpful to look for items that can double up your space. In cabinets look for risers that create layers. This can even be done with bookshelves. Creating layers with different heights helps to give a clear overview of items, no matter where you use them.

If nothing suits the space, don’t be afraid of a little DIY project. This is a great way to customize your home and make the most of your space.

Learn to Design a Multi-Use Room.


Those who live in small spaces have to know how to downgrade to the necessities. This is not to say that small spaces can’t pack a punch design-wise, but those who live in smaller homes and apartments know how to curate their homes. Those in bigger living spaces can take a cue from them. Minimalism doesn’t have to be about just stark walls, although it could be if that’s your aesthetic, but rather about streamlining your belongings. By doing this, you are able to translate your personality into your home.

Minimizing your possessions will really allow you to hone the details of your life and will bring a greater sense of appreciations for what you have. While you still might lust over certain items, you can be more objective in knowing what you can and cannot cram into your space. Use this thinking no matter the size of your home in order to increase your happiness level.

Keep it Clean

This ties into the previous tip, but when you are forced to live small, you know how much of an impact clutter and cleanliness can have on a space. Having scheduled clean outs and de-cluttering sessions can help to keep your space clean and running at optimal levels.

Keeping it all clean and organized will make activities easier in your home. If you dream of the day where you can use the room you’ve been avoiding or watch a movie without tripping on kid’s toys, it may be time for an organization overhaul. You’ll be able to relax and squeeze in time for the things you enjoy.

No matter the amount of space you have, the important thing is how you use it in order to create the perfect home environment and create great memories. Small space living may not be for everyone, but the benefits can be. Use these tips to create the home of your dreams and call Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado to make life easier for you today!

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