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Delicates: Leather, Jewelry, and Silk Storage

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Jewelry Storage Drawer

Delicates: Leather, Jewelry, and Silk Storage

Delicates like leather, jewelry, and silk are the most valuable and unique items in your closet. They are often the most difficult to store but also the most important pieces to be stored in an orderly manner. Things like silk (scarves, ties, etc.), jewelry, and leather often hold more than just monetary value but emotional value as well. Having a separate area is a must for storing delicate items properly.

A closet is ideally a place to store your clothes, but we often tend to ignore the finer things and don’t prioritize them when designing our closet. Accessories like leather jackets, belts, silk scarves, and, most importantly, jewelry are way more important in getting that OOTD right as much as the other basic clothes. Moreover, there are other reasons why you must store silk, leather, and jewelry in a designated place in your closet.

Jewelry Storage

Do you spend your time detangling an earring out of a chain and end up with broken pieces? Special storage for jewelry is a must for you. Jewelry, as an item, has the highest chance of getting lost or breaking. If not stored well. All females own some form of jewelry, either simple or expensive, passed on by mothers or grandmothers, and having them not taken care of is a big no-no.

Silk Storage

Did you know that not removing stains instantly from your silks can permanently damage the quality of the fabric? Make sure you have an area where you store your clean silks and always hang them. Usual silk items are scarves, robes, and nightgowns, and having a special rack for hanging your silks is a must. One of the most expensive fabrics deserves special space in the closet.

Leather Storage

Not storing that expensive leather jacket, belt, or handbag can cause the leather to become crumbled into pieces. It is a good habit to oil and buff leather to keep it stain-free. It is also important to make a special place in your closet that has enough airflow, as that is vital to caring for your leather goods.

Leather Belts Storage

Create space in your closet for the finer things! Keep your treasures organized beautifully with customized storage and, as Marie Kondo says:

 “A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective – it is life transforming.”

Closet & Storage Concepts Northern New Jersey has special solutions to offer for storing delicate items;  jewelry drawers, hosiery drawers, belt and shoe racks, etc. If you feel ready to tackle your storage goals, let Closet & Storage Concepts Northern New Jersey help you get started! With custom closet and storage solutions, you will be well on your way to making the most of any space and maximizing both aesthetics and organization.